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Fusiion has assisted some great companies with their software needs. Below are examples of some of the challenging projects we have worked on.

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Case Studies

Classical Conversations

Challenge: Classical Conversations is an education and homeschool support enterprise with employees in all 50 states and several of overseas locations. Their main employee and user portal had database performance problems that caused extreme user delays.

Solution: Fusiion provided a complete database redesign and migration to the new enterprise database, creating strong referential integrity, and a large number of new database queries resulting in improved performance.

Additional Solution: Fusiion also provided Classical Conversations with a system to that automatically updated their customer portal with user geo-mapping information. Additionally, we created an automated feed system that took customer portal data and uploaded it into a third-party learning management system.

cato fashions
Cato Fashions

Challenge: Cato Fashions has over 1000 stores in 32 states. They needed to be able to track a large numbers of Purchases Orders made to vendors, manufactures and importers on the west coast of the United States. This data was vital in being able to plan and schedule restocking and shipping of orders to their stories.

Solution: Fusiion created an application used to generate shipping manifests at the point of origin. This application included the Purchase Order information, transportation information, including carrier name, and departure information. The application also automatically updates Cato Fashions' Warehouse application. This benefited Cato by streamlining inventory processes thereby eliminating delays in store restocking and ensuring item availability throughout their stores.

leslie's pool supply
Leslie's Pool Supply

Challenge: Leslie's Pool Supply has 850 retail stores in 35 states, and needed a Customer Loyalty functionality to their existing POS system. After discussing their requirements with their POS vendor, they decided to seek out an alternative solution to meet their proposed implementation time line. They considered this requirement a high priority and were looking for a vendor who could not only develop a system that would work the current POS system, but could be developed in a short amount of time.

Solution: Fusiion provided a system application that ran at all stores; monitoring store sales transactions. When a purchase was made by a Leslie's Loyalty Customer, the system pulled data from the corporate POS server, and printed a loyalty coupon at the transaction register. Because of the criticality of this system, Fusiion met the customer implementation time line and provided the complete system in less than two weeks.